Why Bhaktinandan?


We have our own quality inspection department. Bhaktinandan oil extracted from the best quality seeds.


Wooden Cold Pressed Oil


Bhaktinandan groundnut oil enriched with vitamins and it’s healthy for heart.

High level of vitamin E and anti-oxidants and other suitable minerals.

Bhaktinandan Rock salt enriched with all minerals and protect from 54 types of diseases. 


Wooden Cold Pressed Oil

Unrefined, No additives

Bhaktinandan oils are extracted using traditional wood press which involves crushing the oil seeds at low temperatures without additives. 

Wooden Cold Pressed Oil


Pure, Natural & Chemical free

It has amount of essential fatty acids. It is free of cholesterol.

Rich in omega 6 & omega 3 which protects our cells against the cancer, nervous system diseases. wooden cold pressed oil is rich in vitamin A, D & E with the abundant.

Resources of mono saturated facts and proteins. 

Bhaktinandan Salt

Benefits of ROck Salt

Sendha namak/Rock Salt

Sendha namak is highly valued in a ayurvedic. A system of alternative medicine originating in india. According to this tradition rock salts offer numerous health benefitssuch as tratingg cold and coughs as well as aiding digestion and eyesight.